Monday, September 18, 2006

Hi-Point 45 Weapon, or Penis Replacement?

It seems my previous rant about Linux n00bs may have touched a nerve on at least one reader (an obvious n00b). I wanted to take this rant to publicly comment on some of the points made in his rebuttal.

“The argument that a flavor like Ubuntu or Lindows is a “lower” version is absurd. That is like saying that your car is better because you built it from scratch.”
Really? So are you saying that corporate America always has your best interests at heart? Ford Motor Company would never sell vehicles that they knew were unsafe *cough* Pinto *cough*. I think the argument made by Mr. Lipshitz is unintelligent because I would in fact feel much safer driving a car I had assembled myself. I don’t trust auto manufactures or their evil car mechanics spawn. Real men work on their own cars.

“I am curious if you grow your own food because the people that shop at the store are retarded dumb asses? Because who in the hell would want to go to the store when the can get the same quality on the window sill?”
Where to begin… We don’t have the kind of time needed to cover this topic with as much attention as it deserves so it will have to be it’s own blog entry, but rest assured that while I don’t grow all my own food, someday I will. It isn’t the retarded dumb asses that keep me away from the store… it is the idiot growers who produce e-coli infected spinach that worry me. These people are the Micro$oft of the vegetable producing world.

“It would seem that you feel that since Gentoo is such a l33t program that only the omnipotent few can posses such power and incredible strength.”
Hmmm…. Duh. (Did you really need to ask?)

“Curiosity would ask if you were born l33t?”
No, you would think with all greatness that practically oozes from my very pores that I would have been born l33t, but in fact I was born naked and helpless just like Mr. Lipshitz, the difference is that I changed…

“Obviously you must have been [born l33t] otherwise you could not have started on Gentoo as a n00b that would be against your whole argument.”
What you fail to realize Mr. Lipshitz is that (almost) anyone can become l33t, they need only apply themselves and realize that they are using the wrong operating system. When you became able to walk did you not realize the senselessness of crawling? When you got your first car, didn’t you put your bike away? When you started sleeping with girls, didn’t you stop… oh wait… nevermind.

“Take off the Hitler Mustache and the Gentoo armband and rejoin the world of reality, it is never the flavor, it is the power of the person.”
Now we are getting somewhere. You and I are not so very different Mr. Lipshitz. I will take off my armband and mustache as soon as you shower the stink of n00b off.

“(..)allow the n00bs to think what they want, they will learn soon enough that there is more to being l33t then downloading a flavor and pronouncing their greatness.”
I only wish this would happen sooner. Darwin is slow… n00bs are slower. I just want n00bs to realize they are n00bs… is that really asking so much?

“Racism in any form is a defense of the weak and intimidated.”
True… but also remember two things:
1) It was not I who claimed to be a Linux racist. That label was thrust upon me by the "weak and intimidated".
2) Violence is the domain of the small penis… so put the gun down little guy.


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